Our Dance Styles

Ballet is among the most beautiful forms of expression and is suitable for girls and boys of all ages.

We teach our students grace, elegance, self-discipline and the technique required not only for the training of those wishing to pursue a professional career in ballet but enhancing the training of all other forms of dance.

With its origins in France over 300 years ago, ballet is a form of theatrical dance, which is highly academic in it’s training and technically demanding in performance. It differs from other forms of dance in its fundamental requirement for turnout, in which the legs rotate in the hip socket to allow greater freedom of movement, thus giving ballet its distinctive line.

We seek to accomplish our mission through promoting dance, educating and training students to reward achievements through the Royal Academy of Dance examinations.

Attire and Grooming

Beginners and Pre-Primary

Pink sleeveless leotard, pink ballet socks, pink full circular skirt and pink leather ballet shoes. Hair neatly tied back off the face and neck.


Turquoise RAD cotton-lycra leotard, pink leather ballet shoes with pink ankle socks, turquoise full circle RAD examination skirt. Neat bun or braided across the head with hair well pinned off the face and neck.

Grade 1-5

Jacaranda sleeveless leotard, pink leather shoes, pink tights. Neat bun or braided across the head with hair well pinned off the face and neck.

Grade 6-8

Optional uniform discussed with students.


White short sleeved cotton-lycra leotard and heavy cotton-lycra tights in black or navy. White ballet shoes and white ankle socks for exams.




Chatswood North Shore Ballet Centre